A Resilient Spirit

Forced out of his home in Guinea at the age of 16 only to be enslaved for 44 years on a plantation in Takoma Park, Maryland, Yarrow Mahmout finally gained his freedom at the age of 60. When he did, he began the second chapter of his life. He became an entrepreneur, property owner, and ultimately an investor. He made enough money from a variety of trades to purchase a home, lend cash to merchants, and gain stock in the Columbia Bank of Georgetown. The story of an African Muslim slave who brought property in Georgetown only to turn around and help others rise above their social and economic struggles is one we are honored to know.


The Yarrow Mahmout Award

The Abe's Eats and Interfaith Ventures family remember the lifetime accomplishments and resilient spirit of Yarrow Mahmout by offering an award named after him to honor a distinguished member(s) or of society who fosters selfless service to better our local and global community. Since our establishment we have awarded the Yarrow Mahmout Award to the following recipients:

The women and girls of the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom 

The refugee chefs at Eat Offbeat