Sustainable Development

Before diving into the food industry, Abe's Eats founder Mohammad Modarres was a public health practitioner and development specialist working on private-public partnership initiatives from South Africa to Rwanda. He hopes to take the lessons he learned on the field to Abe's Eats by committing to UN Sustainable Development Goals that are relevant to using food as a tool to foster positive economic, social, and ecological impact. 

By combining the Halal and Kosher process to produce the first-ever Interfaith Meat we help food providers save inventory space and food waste. This production process also helps save energy. As we look forward to building out our consumer-facing business model to make our meals more accessible, we look forward to being a zero-waste business through a streamlined recycling process.

SDG 13.png

Our team believes that we are at a critical moment in human history and the single greatest threat to our existence as people is climate change. We are the only producers of 100% grass-fed meat that openly ask consumers to "Eat Less, Better Meat" by using their purchasing power to promote regenerative agriculture and avoid factory-farmed products. Doing so will help the world's carbon soil and develop the largest, natural carbon sequestration process to reduce global CO2 emissions. Beyond offering eco-friendly products, we are also committed to offering more vegetarian and vegan options across our menu -- from catering to prepared to-go meals.

The core of our work involves using food as a tool to foster interfaith unity and dialogue. We not only believe that peace can exist, but that it can be profitable and prosperous between communities that build strong institutions established on inclusivity, diversity, and justice. We donate 5% of our proceeds to community organizations and co-produced non-profit programs that promote peacebuilding and tackle hate speech and conflict. 

Our supporters range from Forbes and NPR's How I Built This to the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom and the Social Enterprise Alliance. In the pursuit of developing a more peaceful world, we are stronger together than apart.