"...Maybe anti-Muslim sentiment, anti-Semitism, anti-Christianity, is the responsibility of not just of those who have been attacked, but the rest of us. It's very easy when it's our community to stand up and say that this is horrible, but to stand up for each other is far more effective. That's why I am a strong devotee of this partnership  this opportunity to stand with one another and for one another because it sends a stronger message that we are all in this together...Thank you for attaching Halal to Kosher and Kosher to Halal. I'd like to think if we are committed to Kosher and Halal it is not just one dimensional. It carries over to other areas where ritual is very important.'" 

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik,

Executive VP of the New York Board of Rabbis 

Co-host of The Rev and The Rabbi

* Listen to Rabbi Potasnik's conversation with Abe's Eats Founder Mohammad Modarres 

"Creating space to offer inclusive faith-based foods for people to eat together is not only a Muslim value — as mentioned in the Quran Surah 5: Verse 4 for Ahlul- Kitaab — but also a Christian one. Christ used the table as a method to resolve conflict and promote peace and understanding between neighbors... Abe's is merging ancient, worthwhile practices with a modern approach to make healthy foods more accessible to our communities." 

Dr. M. J. Mahallati,

Presidential Scholar of Islamic Studies, Oberlin College


“Abe's is paving the way for a more sustainable society. It is also high-quality, delicious, and creates opportunities for interfaith unity - something our world desperately needs. Investing in the success of Abe's is investing in the prosperity of our communities." 

Kila Englebrook,

President & CEO 

Social Enterprise Alliance

"One of the things Muslims and Jews have in common is food. For many Muslims and Jews, food is synonymous with love. It is synonymous with family. It's synonymous with values. And because there are specific ways Muslims and Jews eat, meat in particular, this was an opportunity to bring people together, not just in an intellectual way, but at the level of the heart. I thought Mohammad provided an incredible opening. I was also just impressed with his knowledge of the Jewish community as a practicing Muslim and it is very clear to me that he was sincere in trying to create an enterprise where our communities interact."

Rabbi Joshua Stanton,

Rabbi at East End Temple 

* Read more about Rabbi Stanton's thoughts on Abe's Eats.


Scott Shigeoka, 

Community Activist &

Shabbat Salaam attendee

Friendships are formed, disagreements solved, connections solidified, jokes told and laughed at, big decisions made; all of these happen over food. Food is a common denominator and Abe's Eats is setting the table for food to unite people rather than divide them. We frequently host Shabbat dinners in our home, we keep a kosher kitchen and often have Muslim guests at our table. Abe's allows us to cook and serve for everyone so that those friendships, disagreements, connections, jokes, and decisions can have a place at the table, too.

Jon Adam Ross,

Founding Artist and Managing Director, 

The In[HEIR]itance Project

“It is one of those deeply human moments where you get to shed all of those layers that society sometimes weighs on you, and step into a space with presence where you're reminded about what really matters with our time here: to eat, sing, listen to stories, learn, dance and be. Felt radiant and joyful afterwards and met so many beautiful souls.”


“I attended the first Shabbat Salaam interfaith dinner in San Francisco. WOW! Hard to describe how special that night was. Food was amazing too. I highly recommend checking out the next Shabbat Salaam.”​

“I think about religious stories, and all of the best stories of upending the social order of oppression involve food. Abraham (pbuH) sits in front of his tent, looking for travelers to host, and he welcomes strangers, unconditionally, as he offers his hospitality to the angels. Jesus (pbuH) feeds the multitudes with bread and fishes. There is always plenty when we believe God will provide, even when the powerful would not have us see it. For the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family), the most powerful man in his community, would not eat until others had been fed. We do not need to be prophets to be prophetic. Food reminds us that our sustenance comes from God, and God’s bounty is infinity. Those who are satisfied with God are the most generous. We cannot be generous when any aspect of our food source is extractive and harmful, to the earth, to the animals, to other people. Abe’s Eats allows us to find food that nourishes the spirit and body, for that prophetic vision.”​

Hussein Rashid,

Islamic Scholar & Founder of islamicate, L3C

“Mohammad has been a longtime member of the CGI U family and was recently recognized by President Bill Clinton as part of the CGI U Honor Roll for his important work in creating interfaith unity through Abe’s Eats inclusive food products. We are proud to have Mohammad as a dedicated member of our alumni community, and we are so impressed by the Abe’s Eats team’s work ethic and generosity. They have hosted multiple tastings at the Clinton Foundation offices, and our staff “eats up” any opportunity to have their delicious Interfaith Meat and Hummus For All Of Us!"

Megan Strawther,

Senior Community Engagement 

Clinton Global Initiative University

Muslim women.png

“ Gathr's Homecooked runs interfaith dinners to connect people from different religions around the table, and Abe's Interfaith Meats are honestly a godsend. You have no idea how many times we get asked if the meat is both halal and kosher! We're proud to partner with them because connection and togetherness are at the core of their value system, one that we intimately share." 

Hojung Kim

Co-founder of Gathr

"This movement is a celebration of our different faiths, flavors, and traditions as a reminder of our shared humanity."

Lindsay Litowitz,

Creative Strategist &

Shabbat Salaam Advisor


“It is such an honor to be a chef for Shabbat Salaam. I lift the tastes and cultures of various communities where Muslims and Jews have lived together to craft a menu rich in flavor and culture. From Morocco and the Mediterranean to the Levant and Iran, each dish is a journey through history... One by one, guests recount the flavors of their grandma's kitchen coming through in the dishes we prepare." 

Drew Leach,

Shabbat Salaam Chef

““I attended the first Shabbat Salaam interfaith dinner in San Francisco. WOW! Hard to describe how special that night was. Food was amazing too. I highly recommend checking out the next Shabbat Salaam.”

Matthew Marshall,

Co-founder of New Story Charity &

Shabbat Salaam attendee