Abe's Meats and its interfaith food initiatives have a passionate team of mentors. From award-winning chefs and restaurant entrepreneurs to inventory specialists and cooking show producers, Abe's Meats is building the 92 dream team inside and outside the kitchen.

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Dan MacCombie

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Dan MacCombie is a social entrepreneur with a passion for creating new pathways and models for connecting individuals, communities, livelihoods, food, and ecosystems. After graduating from Brown in 2008, Dan and his co-founder moved to Ecuador to found the Amazonian tea company and social enterprise, Runa, which supports farmers’ livelihoods and reforestation, and was acquired by Vita Coco in 2018. Dan now works as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Dev Equity, a social investment fund focused on food + urban development in Latin America, is developing a new cacao snack company, and advises or serves on the board of a number of food & beverage companies.


Dan also writes, speaks, coaches, and develops programming to support men and entrepreneurs living fuller and more connected lives. When he’s not building and growing businesses, Dan loves skiing, scuba diving, biking, photography, woodworking, and exploring the many corners of NYC and the globe.

Kim Bryden is the CEO & Founder of Cureate and Cureate Connect. She has worked in the food and beverage industry from government, to Fortune 500 retail management, to food-tech startup.


Cureate provides services to emerging food and beverage business owners to assist with their growth and scaling initiatives. They have worked with emerging retail outlets like Glen's Garden Market; to nationally acclaimed food start-ups such as Beefsteak, a José Andrés concept; to developing and running educational curriculum for small business owners with Apple, the University of the District of Columbia, and regional workforce development non-profit, Humanim.


With an ever-present mission to shift purchasing dollars back into local economies, the team built Cureate Connect; an online platform that matches large business and institutional buyers with local food and beverage entrepreneurs through new business opportunities in retail, wholesale, and events/catering.


Kim Bryden

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Stan Sagner

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Stan Sagner is a writer and producer focused on the intersection of food and culture. He is also an independent media and food strategy consultant advising clients including Sony and BBC on market-entry, digital marketing and content development strategy. 


He formerly served as Head of Visual Content & Strategy for Rodale and as Restaurant Critic and columnist for the New York Daily News. Previously, he was Managing Director of International Channel Development for the Hearst Corporation.  

Stan holds a B.A. in History from Columbia College and an M.B.A. in Marketing and Management from Columbia Business School. He also earned a Grand Diplôme in Culinary Arts from ICC (formerly FCI). 


Carolina Santos-Neves

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Carolina Santos-Neves is a Brazilian-American chef, writer, culinary consultant and food diplomat.


After graduating from Brown University, she worked as an editor at Epicurious for 5 years and then, after attending the Chef's Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute, entered the restaurant world as the chef de cuisine of Comodo in 2012.


Based in NYC, Caro has had the good fortune of living in countries such as Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Portugal. Carolina is presently working on several projects that focus on community development, activism, healthy eating, and communication. To her, food is the highest form of diplomacy.

Charles Michel stars on the new Netflix show The Last Table. 


Charles Michel

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Charles Michel is a philomath studying the convergence of art, science, and multisensory aesthetics.


Based at Oxford University between 2013 and 2016, he published over a dozen papers in scientific journals on crossmodal perception. He works as an experience designer in a variety of fields, and as an artist using food and the meal ritual as a medium. In recent years he has been working in cutting-edge projects that innovate community building, hospitality, and experiential art.


At the intersection of science, art community, Charles aims to inspire solutions for important challenges between the relationship of human, food, and the environment.