Why We Are Crowdfunding (And Using Kickstarter)

...Because we cannot do it without you!

Our community has given us everything -- from crowd sourcing our future foods to introducing us to people who will be featured in our #UnityInDiversity campaign; we are who we represent and we are lucky to represent your wishes in the food world.

This is why on September 24th (in 30 days!) we will launch a Kickstarter campaign we are pretty excited (and scared!) for. For the first time, we will make Abe's Eats products consumer facing beyond the beta clients we have had over the last year of development.

In the future, we look forward to building a website that will be dedicated to gaining your thoughts about our product development. You'll learn what we are up to as it happens.

Because your family!

From the Kitchen,

Mohammad M.

Founder of Abe's Eats

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