"What Is Interfaith Ventures In Relation To Abe's Eats?"

Interfaith Ventures is an incubator I began to produce products and programs that focus on fostering interfaith unity and dialogue.

The first program that came out of Interfaith Ventures was the Shabbat Salaam dinner series, which has traveled across the country from San Francisco to New York's Times Square over the last 2 years. Shabbat Salaam was followed by the Yalla! Yalla! Food History Bus Tour in early 2019. While it began as a bus tour, it is evolving into a multi-city walking tour thanks to a partnership with the New Day Fellowship staff and fellows.

Interfaith Ventures' first product is known as Abe's (Interfaith) Meats, producers of the first Halal and Kosher Interfaith Meat products. Earlier this year, we rebranded to Abe's Eats (we dropped the "M") to prepare for new food products we are excited to launch including our hummus line called "Hummus For All Of Us" and a beverage coming soon.

As we dive further and further into using food as a tool for social, economic, and ecological development, we are putting a significant amount of time and energy in building Abe's Eats as a sustainable revenue stream for the rest of our Interfaith Ventures portfolio of products and programs that will focus on combating hate and promoting humanizing marginalized populations in America.

As a result, Interfaith Ventures is being brought under Abe's Eats, where new products and programs will be built in partnership with other community organizations that align with our mission and vision to foster interfaith unity and dialogue. We look forward to continuing to develop new initiatives that will be bring people together to celebrate their commonalities.


Founder, Abe's Eats

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