Hummus for All of Us

Over the last couple of months we have been asked by multiple communities if we produce hummus.

Hummus? We were puzzled. There are a ton of brands out there that already do it so well. Why is another one necessary?

Suddenly the stars aligned.

A kitchen near Grand Central Station offered us an opportunity to be part of their family. The best part: they employ people with disabilities who are trying to rise above their barriers to work. We were excited to be part of their mission to create an inclusive community in that manner.

Then an unbelievably delicious family recipe fell on our laps. We taste tested multiple versions of it with Chef Nas. He later put together a Jerusalem-style hummus recipe that no one has brought to market yet. It's amazing. Spoiler alert: it includes a secret ingredient you'll never guess (ok, ok maybe you will).

After our first taste test, we learned why separate communities were interested in Abe's producing hummus. They had found that companies they were buying from support causes that did not align with their (nor our) values. If the general American public knew who they were voting for with their food purchases they would also not support them as well, said the concerned customers we spoke to.

At Abe’s we are not only committed to producing healthy, interfaith foods that are prepared by people who are empowering themselves and their communities, but we refuse to get involved in politics that exclude any group of people from another. Our slogan is "All Are Welcome" for a reason. It's because All Are Welcome! We do not judge you based on which religion you choose to practice or how you practice it. We do not judge you based on your skin color, gender, age, or anything else that you identify as part of your identity.

We are putting a lot at stake to build Abe's Eats (Seriously, it's like our entire life savings.). We are doing it because we want to build a brand that respects the very values of being human -- to love thy neighbor. It's why a portion of what Abe’s generates is donated to our community partners to continue to foster interfaith unity and inclusivity through grassroots initiatives.

So consider this the end of the Hummus Wars. There is no other side you'd want to be on. Hummus for all of Us!

Mohammad Modarres

Founder, Abe's Eats

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