Join Our Troll Patrol! Tackle Online Hate With Us

The Internet has been a crazy place lately, feeling more and more like the Wild Wild West. The bandits are robbing everyone from the truth, fake news is rampant, and conspiracy theories are being believed as seriously as facts. We've read and seen some scary stuff online over the last few years.

As an interfaith organization that is using its first-to-market "Interfaith Meat" as a stepping stone to building a sustainable food brand that will support initiatives combatting the rising wave of anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim bigotry, we have faced our own gut punches by bigots who 'splain to know it all.

As a result, we have created a Troll Patrol, which is a network of online volunteers who help us smell funny business from a mile away and who bring law and order to these lands.

Earlier this year we had an online troll circulate hateful and factually incorrect material about Abe's Eats, our products, and our mission and vision. They didn't do it in the most tasteful manner so they were eventually banned from the Facebook groups they posted on (zing!).

The situation taught us a lot about our community. When the trolls attacked, many of our Shabbat Salaam attendees and customers came to our rescue. You know what's up! Our fans rose above the hateful language and resolved the matter for us, only to leave us with an opportunity to be further transparent and answer any questions that came up. Now as we continue to build partnerships, we make it clear that we want to work with people who are not intimidated by online bullying and will stand up for our shared values and what is right, together.

Despite the stress that naturally comes with any online bullying, it was an incredible exercise for our team. We have teamed up with some wonderful organizations since then who get where we are coming from and want to work with us to further our mission.

To avoid another troll from causing trouble, we'd like to invite you to be part of our Troll Patrol by following two (2) steps.

Find a hateful comment about Abe's Eats on your newsfeed? Read an article about us that doesn't match what you've experienced at Shabbat Salaam?

1. Introduce haters to our FAQ page ...

We have found that every single person who has ever talked smack about us has not done their homework. In fact, they have little understanding of what we actually do (and why!).

So far, the haters have fallen under three categories.

1) They have anti-Muslim or anti-Semitic beliefs and do not want inclusivity within their food experiences. They fear that any form of diversity leads to hurting their homogenous communities. 2) They are a Jewish or Muslim Kosher/Halal consumer and may have a general understanding of religious dietary laws, but have never worked in food production so their understanding of food production is limited and therefore their concern about "Interfaith Meat." 3) These same consumers may ask their religious leader about dietary laws who offer a religious understanding without the context of any food production experience. This may lead to further inaccuracies.

Our full FAQs link:

2. ...And tag us!

By tagging @AbesEats on Facebook, IG, and Twitter (and other outlets) you help us learn what the latest scoop is all about. Don't get us wrong - we love a good cup of drama! xP but as a small business we employ people who are accountable to their families. Any material that tarnishes our brand, hurts our sales. Whatever impacts our sales hurts our employees.

3. We'll take it from there!

Once you tag us we'll come and say Salaam/Shalom/What's up? We will engage using facts about religious theory and food practice about Halal, Kosher, the general industries, and being a bootstrapped business in the interfaith space. The fact of the matter is the people who know most about our business are us, and we'll be happy to share what we know because we want to be as transparent as possible. We care a lot about what we eat and we understand your concerns and want to address them accordingly.

Thanks for your support!


Abe's Eats Team

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