"How Much Capital Have You Raised?"

From students with early stage projects to interested investors who love the market we are building on, we are increasingly asked "how much capital have you raised?"

The answer: Abe's has been completely bootstrapped from its inception. No one outside of the founders own any part of the organization. This is how we have been able to build the brand that we want and offer the foods that we like. Instead of investors, we promote a community-led, community-driven approach to help us build our products and programs. In doing so, we believe we can gain support from all kinds of people to create sustainable revenue streams that will help fund our interfaith initiatives to effectively tackle the rise in bigotry.

This approach is not easy. We have not taken a salary yet. And our production moves at a slower pace than the VC-funded projects out of Silicon Valley.

Will you ever take investment? Of course. With the right partner we'd love to collectively build upon what we already have. However, we are not running around with a basket wishing for any type of cash. We work in an industry that requires us to be extremely thoughtful in our approach for our staff, our consumers, and the environment. Because we don't see ourselves as just a food company. Rather, we are an organization that is being trusted with offering high-quality faith-based foods that are associated to personal faith-based practices. This means we take our role very seriously.

Until we find the right team that will invest and build with us, we are very happy marching to our own beat.

From the Kitchen,

The Abe's Eats Team

*Got something on your mind? First check out our FAQs. If you cannot find what you are looking for ask and we will address it on our blog.

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