How long has Abe's Eats been in business?

Abe's has been in business since 1676...BCE. We may just be the oldest startup in the world!

We go back to when Prophet Abraham attempted to sacrifice his son on Mt. Moriah, but God replaced his son with a ram (true story: our first Interfaith Meat was a black belly ram from a local ranch in Oregon).

What's missing from Abraham's story? After God gave Abraham a ram, he also became his first investor after offering Abe a cool 100,000 silver coins for 7% (YC copied God apparently). Shortly after, Abe's Eats - and Interfaith Meat - was born to help Ishmael and Isaac sit down at dinner and eat from the same plate.

According to Jewish sources Abraham was 137 when he attempted to sacrifice his son on Mt. Moriah. Since the Prophet was born in 1813 BCE, Abe's been hustling since 1676 BCE *cough 2018.*

#TheMoreYouKnow #JustKiddingLikeJason

From the Kitchen,

The Abe's Eats Team

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