Help Us Grow Our Online Community (And Digital Content)!

Over the last month, we have been busy filming, dancing, cutting and pasting our way to preparing video content for our Kickstarter campaign.

We may be going a lil crazy in the process.

We not only have a dozen #UnityInDiversity videos we can't wait to roll out across multiple social media channels, but we will also be producing a series of featured shorts that include some incredible people within our community (many thanks to our friends on the Forbes video production team!).

So here is the deal ~

Our video content will be posted on a lot of different spaces, but its home base will be on Abe's Eats Youtube channel. We don't have followers because this is the first time we are posting this link after launching it.

If this was another platform we wouldn't care, but Youtube gives special features for channels that gain a larger following. If we can get 100 followers, for example, we can customize our logo on the page. Until then, it'll stay just as an "A." If we get to 1,000 followers the word on the street is that we can use the Youtube studio in New York City for free. Having the opportunity to use this space would be extremely helpful for future video production needs.

Long story short - the more followers we have, the more likely we'll create online content you can like, share, and be part of.

As always, thank you for your support.

The Abe's Eats Team

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