Dropping the "M"

I moved to New York City in March 2018 after I was accepted into TED's in-house incubator for breakthrough ideas for the opportunity to turn "Interfaith Meat" into a small food business. After hosting +1,000 attendees at "Shabbat Salaam" interfaith dinners around the country, many people asked where they could buy our "Interfaith Meat." Up until that point I wanted to simply host conversations around the dinner table, but the idea of building an inclusive food brand that supports interfaith programming was intriguing.

A few months later, I brought on board Brian Lai -- a childhood friend of +15 years -- and we founded Abe's Meats, a social impact food brand built for consumers who wanted to enjoy our Interfaith Meat products. Over the course of several months, we built out our supply chain, began doing local test runs in New York, while also tinkering with logistics to prepare for national shipment. Our first order was to Las Vegas during the Islamic and Jewish New Year. While we were still in developmental stages, our Jewish customer wanted to host his Muslim friends over for New Year celebrations. We couldn't say no to the opportunity to empower interfaith collaboration.

Our idea was simple -- by combining the Zabihah Halal and Glatt Kosher processes -- we could create the most inclusive dinner table for Muslims, Jews, and our allies to come together and cultivate relationships and memories through the power of food.

As we continue to cater to different groups, we feel that to be as inclusive as possible we need to consider offering non-meat options as well. It’s a no brainer. While we offer high-quality, sustainable, 100% grass-fed meat products, we do not want to stop our friends and fellow compatriots who have differing diets from joining our table.

So we’re happy to announce we’re dropping the "M" and transitioning to Abe’s Eats.

We look forward to building new non-meat meals with the same quality you have experienced to bring even more people together from all corners of the world.

From the Kitchen,

Mohammad Modarres

Founder, Abe's Eats

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