© 2020 Abe's Eats (fka Abe's Meats) uses food to foster interfaith unity and inclusivity.

This website is made with a chunk of love, two dashes of brown shuguh, a shtick of buttah, and some pomegranate molasses.

Early Bear Gets The Honey

If you supported us during our Kickstarter campaign your orders are currently being fulfilled. Our shop will treat all new purchases as an extension of our Kickstarter and process them in order of when the purchase is made. Thanks for your patience (and support!). 

Our Food Products

Our flagship Halal and Kosher Interfaith Meats are currently sold out for individual buyers. Our next production run will premiere new antibiotic-free chicken for our events. If you are a wholesale buyer please contact us today. 

Our Apparel


To focus on our food operations and still offer you our merchandise, check out our swag on our Represent store.