Our Values In Food

Food is holy. We treat it as such by integrating a triple bottom line approach that respects people, the planet, and how profit should be distributed.

Economic Empowerment

Supporting American Farms To Develop Local Economic Wealth



Offering حلال Halal & כשר Kosher Interfaith Foods To Celebrate Our Commonalities

Environmental Sustainability

Promoting Regenerative Agriculture To Rebuild Soil To Combat Climate Change 

COVID-19 Update

Our flagship Halal and Kosher Interfaith Meats are currently out of stock for individual buyers. Our next production run will premiere new antibiotic-free chicken. If you are a wholesale buyer please contact us today. 

Our Approach

As a New York-based business, we are currently working on restocking for direct consumers. Please sign up for our newsletter below and we'll reach out when we are ready to serve you. In the meantime, feel free to check out our apparel. Thank you!