What We're Reading

We're compiling a list of readings and recordings that we've found helpful in our journey through the world of food.


Huffington Post | Can Meat Actually Save The Planet? | July 2019 

KQED Radio | A Farmer's Guide To Tomatoes | July 2019

Modern Farmer | There Are More Women Farmers Than Ever, But They Make Less Than Men. Why? | June 2019 

Civil Eats | Oregon’s Seed War: Can Vegetable Crops and Canola Coexist in the Seed Capital of America? | June 2019

AgFunder News | Dr. Richard Teague: Regenerative Organic Practices “Clean Up the Act of Agriculture” | June 2019 

News Day | Kosher Bakery Saved By New Muslim Owner | June 2019

Civil Eats | Regenerating the Soil Transformed This Indiana Farm | June 2019 

NYT Op-Ed | ‘Our Small Towns Are Toppling Like Dominoes’: Why We Should Cut Some Farmers a Check | June 2019

Rodale Institute | Is Meat Ruining The Planet? | May 2019

Bloomberg | Most Grass-fed Beef Labeled Product of USA Is Imported | May 2019

NYT | They Grow the Nation's Food, But They Can't Drink the Water | May 2019

NBC | Sunday Dinner: The Family Tradition We Need to Bring Back | May 2019


GreenBiz | The Fight to Define Regenerative Agriculture | April 2019 

The Guardian | Buy Organic Food To Help Curb Global Insect Collapse, Say Scientists | Feb 2019

Civil Eats | Silvopasture Can Mitigate Climate Change. Will U.S. Farmers Take it Seriously? | Jan 2019