Our Model

As our programs build community and our products foster inclusivity, we know that nothing functions without a sustainable business model. We believe Abe's Eats fits a growing need for multiple growing communities that want high-quality, faith-based foods, while also encouraging food businesses to attract new customers, create more inclusive spaces, and make faith-based foods more accessible as they save time, inventory space, and food waste with our unique 2-in-1 Halal and Kosher process.

Individual Customers

We aim to make faith-based foods easier to access by having our products in spaces consumers already interact with.  

Growth Channels

We aim to create a B2C/B distribution approach and use it as a tool to create more inclusive experiences for all. 

Large Buyers

We aim to help large institutions become more inclusive by offering our faith-based foods to a variety of buyers.


US Halal Market

The US Halal market has grown by 1/3 since 2010. It is expected to continue to have rapid growth.

US Kosher Market

40% of all new foods follow Kosher dietary laws. Despite being established and mature, Kosher continues to be in demand. 



Consumer Brands

Despite the need for high-quality Halal and Kosher foods today, no faith-based food brand matches the ethos of today's eco-friendly consumer. 

Food Accessibility

The #1 reason religious communities stop practicing their dietary laws is because of accessibility to their foods. For example, 38% of Jewish and Muslim students in New York's public schools do not eat their cafeteria food because it is not Kosher or Halal. No one has addressed this issue yet.