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This website is made with a chunk of love, two dashes of brown shuguh, a shtick of buttah, and some pomegranate molasses.

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What makes Abe's award-winning Interfaith Meats so special? 

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Livestock Diet



Shoket using a Chalef                                                                                                               

Bismillah by present Muslim***                                                                                                       

Qibla Facing 

Zabihah hand-cut

No Stunning

Nikur removed

(Salt) Kashered

Mashgiach supervision




Profiting from haram products* 

Ownership Interfaith (Muslim, Jewish, etc.) 


Got questions about any of the highlighted production needs? 

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*  Tayyib: We define it as no factory farming methods, including free of feed lots and  

** Seclusion: No animal sees another animal be harmed at the moment of sacrifice