Our Mission

Abe's Eats is a bootstrapped social impact venture that is using food to foster interfaith unity and inclusivity. 

We are best known for making faith-based foods more accessible and inclusive by producing the first 2-in-1 Zabihah Halal and Glatt Kosher "Interfaith Meat" that allows Muslims and Jews across all denominations eat from the same plate. 


We also produce vegan and vegetarian-friendly products - like "Hummus For All Of Us" - so anyone can sit at our table.


While we are focused on helping food businesses serve their growing Muslim and Jewish communities as they save time, money, inventory space, and food waste with our 2-in-1 production process, we are building a more consumer-facing brand. Because if representation matters on our movie screens it should also matter at our dinner tables. 

All are welcome


Anti-Muslim bigotry

The rise in anti-Muslim bigotry in 2017 after the 2016 election cycle began (CAIR). 

Anti-Semitic bigotry

The rise in anti-Semitic bigotry in 2017 after the 2016 election cycle began (ADL). 


Our Story

After the 2016 US elections brought a wave of anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim hate crimes to Jewish and Muslim communities across America, I wanted to host an interfaith dinner I called Shabbat Salaam to create a space where people may discuss how to collectively tackle this rise in bigotry. To create the most inclusive dinner table, I needed to respect everyone's religious dietary laws, but I quickly realized that serving Zabihah Halal and Glatt Kosher meals was a logistical nightmare and really, really expensive. So it got me thinking...


"May we bring the Halal and Kosher meat production process together? Will it help Muslims and Jews from across denominations eat from the same plate? Will doing so produce a more efficient supply chain? Could it make religious foods more accessible by being more inclusive?"


I had a lot of questions. So I put the dinner on hold, jumped into my '79 VW Bus, and spent the next year going up and down the Pacific Coast asking food experts, religious leaders, and everyone in between (hi mom!) if this was possible. Along the way, I learned a lot ("Halal and Kosher are not the same") and made a lot of friends ("Ismael and Isaac were brothers after all"). Sure enough, one year later, I hosted my first Shabbat Salaam dinner in San Francisco, premiered our "Interfaith Meat," and have had over 1,000 attendees participate in our interfaith programming. At each event thereafter, attendees wanted to know where to buy Interfaith Meat. So shortly after, Abe's was born. 


Beyond Interfaith Meat, we use a variety of foods as a tool to foster interfaith unity and create more inclusive communities. We look forward to the journey ahead.


Mohammad Modarres

Abe's Eats Founder

The idea for Interfaith Meat originally came from when Abe's Eats founder Mohammad Modarres wanted to host a Shabbat Salaam interfaith dinner to bring his Muslim and Jewish friends together to discuss (and act upon) the rise in hate crimes across America. Today more than 1,000 attendees across the US have attended a Shabbat Salaam event. Learn more about our programs.